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Honey gift has always been a gift of honor, trust and treasure. Honey has been used as currency so the idea of honey gifts are grounded in tradition and cultures all over the world. Honey gifts are commonly given for weddings, birthdays and house warming occasions.buy Gourmet Honey Now

The ideal honey gift is a selection of honeys that gives multiple tastes without an extravagant expense. Four honey flavors in 5 oz. containers is an ideal honey gift. Blackberry Honey, king of all tea sweetening honeys, from the Pacific Northwest, Tupelo Honey, highly prized and very expensive to produce, from North Florida, Star Thistle Honey, America’s Favorite Honey, 12 years in a row, from Michigan, and Saw Palmetto Honey, Everglades Golden Honey, the hidden treasure thought to be endangered, from South Florida combine four Gourmet Honeys not found collectively anywhere else. The best Honey Gift Set is available from www.honeytaster.com/

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Last Winter's Bee Colony Death Rate Is Highest Reported Yet : The Salt  NPR

An annual survey of beekeepers shows the rate of colony death last winter was the highest reported since the survey began 13 years ago.

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Almond growers need honeybees to survive. Beekeepers need almond growers to pay the bills. But as almonds boom, bees are struggling.

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Agricultural Research *Service* (ARS) scientists have taken the first step towards a weapon against the major honey bee parasite Nosema ceranae.

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The diversity and availability of pollen foraged by honey bees across urban and suburban areas in the US varies drastically with the seasons, according to a ...

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A local couple helped to save a massive 500 lbs honey bee tree-hive on their property.

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If you're seeing fewer honey bees in your yard this spring, you're not alone. University of Maryland entomologists say honey bee populations are on the decline ...

Honeybees Know What 3 Means (and 2 and 4), Researchers Find - D-brief  Discover Magazine

Humans, monkeys, pigeons, fish and honeybees can all grasp the concept of a greater than or less than sign and choose between bigger or smaller quantities.

Local beekeepers will help remove honey bee swarms  WABI

We're told the association only removes honey bee swarms.

Wet spring may be harmful for honeybees this winter  WNWO NBC 24

Honeybees rely on pollen and nectar to feed themselves and their larvae growing in the hive. "It didn't look like there was a lot of pollen the other day when I was ...

How a Honey Bee's Waggle is Inspiring Aerospace Design  Entomology Today

The internal muscle structure of a honey bee abdomen bears a surprising resemblance to a mechanical device known as a Stewart platform.

Honeybees Can Grasp the Concept of Numerical Symbols - D-brief  Discover Magazine

Honeybees can learn to associate symbols with specific numerical values, and vice versa.

Beekeepers Ask For Law To Make It Illegal To Kill Honeybees  27east.com

A property owner in Amagansett reported on a recent Friday that a large swarm of honeybees was hanging from a tree branch on the property. But when Deb ...

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Megaphone.fm: Apis Mellifera by Business of Bees.

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This time of year, you might be startled by the sight of a huge swarm of honeybees. It can happen not only in agricultural areas, but also in your neighbor.

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We have all heard that honey bees are so important to our food supply. Honey bees pollinate approximately one-third of all our food crops.

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Honeybees, an unconventional grandfather and a 1951 military bus-turned-honey bottling factory were salvation for Carmel Valley writer Meredith May.

Raising premier queen honey bees in Mississippi  WLOX

An organic bee farm in Jackson County is raising strong queen bees and shipping to other beekeepers around the world.

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Are you a farmer, gardener or outdoor lover? If you're any of these (or all of them!) then you'll want to know how much you can benefit from keeping honey bees!

Book reveals wild honeybees' biology, with insights for beekeepers  Cornell Chronicle

A new book describes the biology and behaviors of wild honeybees and takes lessons from nature to inform small-scale beekeepers on how to manage their ...

'Adventures with the Migrating Giant Honey Bees of Thailand'  Jackson Hole News&Guide

Will Robinson presents on the giant honey bee, Apis dorsata, which faces many threats including habitat loss. The forests of South and Southeast Asia, the ...

Midwest Honey Fest demonstrates different uses for bees  Kotatv

Dying bees doesn't just mean less honey. It means fewer crops and less money, which can put a sting in the state's economy.

Festival celebrates honey, bees and brews | Food/Drink  Rapid City Journal

There's a new event that's creating quite a buzz. It's the first Midwest Honey Fest, and it will celebrate honey, beekeeping and South Dakota's state insect — the ...

Virginia Pollinator Week Highlights Essential Work of Honeybees  Shore Daily News

To explain the essential role that pollinators play in our environment and agriculture Governor Northam declared June 17-23 as Virginia Pollinator Week.

Save The Bees: EPA Bans 12 Pesticides Harmful To Honeybees  WBUR

The EPA is pulling a dozen products containing chemicals harmful to honeybees. It's the end of a long legal battle, but not the end of the threat to bees.

Truck Crashes And Releases 40,000 Pounds Of Live Honey Bees  The Hollywood Unlocked

A semi-truck that was en route to North Dakota from California crashed into an intersection in Montana. The vehicle contained 40000 pounds of live bees.

No bees please! Honey bees keep swarming water meters in Cape Coral  WZVN-TV

Follow this story to get email or text alerts from ABC7 when there is a future article following this storyline. Follow this story. Honey bees continue to swarm into ...

American Honey Queen discusses the status of honeybees throughout the country  WTNH.com

Honeybees are critical to the nation's diverse food supply. Honey can be used for baking, cooking, beverages, provide natural energy boosts for athletes and ...

New Law Would Help Bees--but Could Leave Other Pollinators out in the Cold  Scientific American

Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the ...

Thousands of bees removed from manhole in South Side  WTAE Pittsburgh

A big buzz stopped traffic on Pittsburgh's South Side as a professional crew from Burgh Bees overturned a manhole cover to find two swarms of honeybees.

Albuquerque family's water meter box taken over by honey bees  KRQE News 13

Buzzing away, flying in and out, honey bees have infested a westside family's water meter box under the sidewalk. "There's so many bees in there, it's crazy," ...

Global Honey Markets, 2016-2018 & 2019-2024: Robot Bees - An Innovative Alternative for Honey-Making and Pollinating Crop  GlobeNewswire

Dublin, June 17, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Honey: Global Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to ...

Honey Bee Colonies Down By 16%  Eurasia Review

The survey of 25,363 beekeepers in 36 countries found that, out of 544,879 colonies being managed at the start of winter, 89124 were lost, through a ...

A combination of insecticides and mite weakens honeybees  Science Daily

New research shows a synergistic time-lag interaction between the parasitic mite Varroa destructor and neonicotinoid insecticides reducing survival of winter ...

Bee pollination a race between native and European honey bees while researchers watch on  ABC News

In research that might help fight the impact of any varroa mite outbreak, the pollen transfer from flowers to both native bees and European honey bees is being ...

Honeybees Don't Need to be 'Saved'  Bloomberg

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The US just banned 12 pesticides that are like nicotine for bees. Here's how dangerous they are.  Business Insider

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently banned 12 products containing neonicotinoid, a pesticide that functions similarly to nicotine.

Bees are a buzzin' at UB - UB Now: News and views for UB faculty and staff  University at Buffalo Reporter

One of the honey bees that has found a new home at UB. Photo: Robby Johnson. By ROBBY JOHNSON. Published June 3, 2019. Share This. Print. By the end ...

Biopesticide spinosad, popular in organic farming, may harm honeybees, study shows  Genetic Literacy Project

Bees have experienced substantial colony losses, which were often associated with insecticides. Besides synthetic insecticides biological compounds such.

Varroa destructor mite attacks on honeybees threaten wild bumblebees, too, research shows  Genetic Literacy Project

A mite that spreads a dangerous virus among honeybees also plays an indirect role in infecting wild bumblebees, new research shows. The Varroa destructor.

Beekeeping Behind Bars: Inmates Raise Bees at Cook County Jail  WTTW News

Behind barbed wire fences, Cook County Jail inmates grow vegetables, flowers, herbs, and – as of May – they're harvesting honey from two beehives provided ...

Entomologists say urban hobby beekeepers are serious threat to wild bees  Genetic Literacy Project

There is a downside to the urban beehive boom in Montreal. Entomologists say honey bee hives are a growing threat to native pollinators. They are.

Honeybees harmed by tag team of insecticides, mites  UPI News

For the first time, honeybee researchers have identified a "synergistic time-lag interaction" between parasitic Varroa mites and neonicotinoid insecticides.

A combination of insecticides and mites weakens honeybees  Phys.Org

Today, scientists at the Institute of Bee Health of the University of Bern and the honeybee research association COLOSS have published an article in the ...

You'll Need a Lot More Money to Buy That Jar of Honey  The Wall Street Journal

Global honey prices are at their highest levels in years, due to a new wave of consumer demand for natural sweeteners and declining bee populations that are ...

Honeybees Able to Learn Difference between Symbols and Numbers: A New Study  Interesting Engineering

A new experiment has shown that honeybees are able to comprehend symbols and numbers, and even link them to one another, for the very first time.

Virginia Pollinator Week highlights work of honeybees, other pollinators  Augusta Free Press

Honeybees are invaluable to the health of the U.S. agricultural economy as they enable the production of 90 commercially grown crops in the nation.

Honeybees are topic for Selke Memorial Lecture in Stockbridge  Berkshire Eagle

Veteran beekeeper Kenneth Warchol will deliver the fifth annual William Selke Memorial Lecture at 4 p.m. June 9, at the Stockbridge Library, 46 Main St. His ...

Fairmont Hotels: Honeybees and responsible tourism | Buzz travel  Buzz.travel | eTurboNews | Travel News

Fairmont Hotels & Resorts, to develop responsible tourism and sound environmental practices, has announced the next evolution of its Bee Sustainable.

Keeping Bees Safe: Gentile Shares Pollinator-Friendly Tips  Zip06.com

A few weeks back, Don Gentile found thousands of his honey bees piled up, dead, at his Averill Place apiary in Branford.

Honeybees May Be Capable of Connecting Symbols to Numbers, Says New Study | Biology  Sci-News.com

A team of scientists from RMIT University, Monash University and the University of Toulouse III has trained honeybees (Apis mellifera) to match a character to a ...

Life of honeybees in turbulent weather times not so sweet  The Kingston Whig-Standard

Beekeeper Elaine Peterson had one bit of advice as she walked up to the hives she keeps on her property north of Gananoque.“When you open a hive, they say ...

Honeybees all have different jobs to accomplish—Here’s how they decide who is doing what  National Geographic

With brains the size of sesame seeds, honeybees have to work together in different capacities to maintain a healthy nest.

The Honeybees buzz into Ralph’s Diner  Worcester Mag

You have heard Tom Petty recently. On the radio, in a diner, on a television commercial; his songs are omnipresent. It was likely one of his chart-burning hits, ...

Are Honey Bees Bad for Wild Bees?  JSTOR Daily

Recently, the health of the honey bees has been a topic of some concern. But many scientists think we should actually be worrying about wild bees instead.

A bee is not a bee is not a bee. Why 'save the bees' is a complex issue  KitchenerToday.com

This article, written by Sheila R. Colla, York University, Canada and Rachel Nalepa, York University, Canada, originally appeared on The Conversation and is ...

Honeybees are a hot commodity—and thieves are cashing in  Quartz

Honeybees are crucial for pollinating large portions of the US food supply (estimates range between 7% and 30%). More than half of America's tended bees are ...

Honey Bees Make Honey ... and Bread? | Deep Look  KQED

Every spring, honey bees trap, brush and pack pollen into baskets on their legs to make a special food called bee bread.

Massive Loss Of Thousands Of Hives Afflicts Orchard Growers And Beekeepers  NPR

Honey bees deal with many stressors: chemicals, climate change and viruses. But this year, a tiny mite has wiped out colonies, causing worry over whether there ...

The untapped potential of Africa's honey bees  BBC News

In countries across Africa, honey bees could help protect wildlife, grow food and make money – so why aren't more people raising them?

Beekeeper's warm-weather warning: ‘Do not be frightened’ of swarming honeybees  Fox News

With spring comes budding flowers, warmer weather, rain and, to the dismay of some, an increase in honeybees. But there's no need to be frightened of these ...

Bug Bytes: Honey Bee Waggle Dance  MTPR

The next time you discover a new restaurant that you love, try telling your friends about it through interpretive dance. That's what you would do if you.

Virginia's honeybees are dying; here's what you can do  Virginia Gazette

Honey bees in Virginia are dying and beekeepers across the state are working to save them.

Beekeepers warned about disease affecting honey bees | Channel - ITV News  ITV News

Read the latest Channel stories, Beekeepers warned about disease affecting honey bees on ITV News, videos, stories and all the latest Channel news.

Road Trip: How Hive Transportation Puts Stress on Honey Bees  Entomology Today

Honey bees are in high demand for pollinating crops, and hives are often trucked thousands of miles a year to serve different crops in different regions and ...

Here's why Pickens County beekeeper brought 46 million bees into the Upstate SC  Anderson Independent Mail

Bee Well Honey Bee Supply has brought millions of honeybees into Upstate SC, and plans to bring millions more.

Yellowjackets: A Look at Opportunistic Raiders of Honey Bee Hives  Entomology Today

Yellowjackets are nuisance predators of honey bees, preying on them and pillaging their honey. But bees fight back, and healthy hives are rarely at risk.

Honey Bees on Notre-Dame's Roof Survived the Fire  Smithsonian.com

In the wake of the devastating fire that tore through Notre-Dame, French officials have been taking stock of the damage, trying to determine which of the ...

We can now speak the universal language of honey bees  Mother Nature Network

Virginia Tech researchers have deciphered and codified the honey bee language with remarkable precision.

Bee keepers warn not to kill honey bees nesting on your property  WSPA.com

Every Spring bees swarm people's properties and build their hives, but honey bee keepers say don't spray.

It's Swarm Season: Honey Bees Are House Hunting  University of Arkansas Newswire

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Do you know anyone who called an exterminator when they discovered a swarm of honey bees? If so, that is especially sad because ...

Vaccine for Honeybees Could Be a Tool to Fight Population Decline  The New York Times

Scientists hope the vaccine can make bees more resilient against diseases that can wipe out entire colonies.

Not Only Can Honeybees Count, They Can Also Do Math - D-brief  Discover Magazine

Researchers found that honeybees can add and subtract after teaching them a system of color cues to use in their math tests.

Honey Bees' Oddly Hypnotizing 'Shimmering' Is Actually a Clever Defense  Gizmodo

Have you ever seen bees shimmering? It's pretty neat! It's also oddly mesmerizing, as evidenced by a widely circulated video of the phenomenon recently ...

Codifying the universal language of honey bees  Science Daily

In a paper appearing in April's issue of Animal Behaviour researchers decipher the instructive messages encoded in the insects' movements, called waggle ...

Why bees swarm and what you should – or shouldn’t – do about them  East Bay Times

Honey bees swarm either because the hive has become overcrowded or there is disease, lack of resources or some kind of disturbance. (Photo by Deb Conway ...

Scientists create edible honey bee vaccine to protect them from deadly diseases  Fox News

The first-ever vaccine for insects now exists, thanks to scientists at the University of Helsinki in Finland hoping to save one of the most crucial pollinators in the ...

Among the Many Talents of the Humble Honey Bee: Arithmetic  TIME

A new study found that bees can do math, suggesting that advanced arithmetic may be more accessible to nonhumans than previously suspected.

Spring Surprise: 50,000 Honeybees Discovered In New Jersey Apartment Building  CBS New York

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – It's not something you see every day – 50,000 honeybees hiding in the outdoor molding of a New Jersey apartment ...

Beehive Arson in Texas Kills Half a Million: ‘There Goes My Honey Flow’  The New York Times

Investigators are trying to figure out why about 20 hives were set on fire, thrown in a pond and toppled over.

Honeybees are giving up on dance as a language  Quartz

Traditionally, honeybees communicate in a strange language known to humans as a "waggle dance." That's changing.

WSU to use new refrigerators in study to help save honey bees  WSU News

By Scott Weybright, College of Agricultural, Human, and Natural Resource Sciences. WSU's honey bee research team will advance their study of refrigeration to ...

Colony Size Drives Honey Bees' Overwinter Survival  Entomology Today

Research in Pennsylvania shows that overall colony weight and the number of worker bees to be the leading factors in determining overwintering survival of ...

Pesticide cocktail can harm honey bees  Phys.org

A recently approved pesticide growing in popularity around the world was developed as a "bee safe" product, designed to kill a broad spectrum of insect pests ...

Serbia's beekeepers struggle as insecticide poisoning hits honey bees  Reuters

BELGRADE (Reuters) - Early April in Serbia was sunny, orchards were in full bloom and honey bees from most of the country's 1.2 million beehives were busy ...

Bees change scent as they age  EarthSky

A new study finds that honey bees develop different scent profiles as they age, and guard bees respond differently to returning foragers than to younger bees ...

How Humans Are Hurting Honeybees' Ability to Reproduce  National Geographic

From pesticides to land development to electromagnetic pollution, humans often harm the ability of honeybees to reproduce.

UCSD: ‘Bee safe’ pesticide could harm certain honey bees  FOX 5 San Diego

UC San Diego researchers announced a pesticide billed as "bee safe" could actually threaten certain honey bee demographics, especially when used in ...

As populations decline, local beekeepers working to increase bee population  13WHAM-TV

Henrietta, N. Y. (WHAM) - As temperatures increase and flowers bloom, more and more bees begin to emerge, and so do efforts to try and keep the bee ...

Bee-aware of honey bees this spring!  Clay Today Online

Pollen and allergies have finally hit our area: eyes are puffy, noses are raw, and cars are yellow from all the tree pollen. You also might have noticed an increase ...

Garden for the Honey Bees as Population Declines  Spectrum News

The honey bee population was cut in half over the last winter, but gardeners can use their green thumbs to help.

Honey Bees Create a Natural Glue From Spit and Flower Oil to Help Them Carry 'Pollen Pellets' Back to Their Hive  Mental Floss

Bees are pretty smart. They can recognize human faces, understand the concept of zero, and even create their own glue, making it easier to carry pollen back to ...

Sacramento non-profit Blue Green Horizons on a mission to save honeybees, and teach others how to do it too | Bartell's Backroads  ABC10.com KXTV

John Bartell explores how one man's non-profit is saving the Sacramento bees and so can you.

UNCG professors, students working to save honey bees  WGHP FOX 8 Greensboro

For centuries, people took bees and their work for granted. They're always there, right? And then, about a decade ago, many of them weren't. There were entire ...

What’s the buzz? Honey bees are sweet business for student association at SIUE  Alton Telegraph

EDWARDSVILLE — Jeremy Howard thinks that learning about honey bees is a pretty sweet idea. Recommended Video. Speed. Normal. Quality. Auto. Quality.

Honeybees have a sweet new home on the roof of the EMU  AroundtheO

Three hives are buzzing with new worker bees as part of a campus effort to protect pollinators.

Researchers decipher and codify the universal language of honey bees  Phys.org

For Virginia Tech researchers Margaret Couvillon and Roger Schürch, the Tower of Babel origin myth—intended to explain the genesis of the world's many ...

Researchers Create First-Ever Honey Bee Vaccine | Smart News  Smithsonian.com

The compound protects against the American foulbrood disease, but the same technique could lead to protection against other major pathogens.

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