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Raw Honey can be Gourmet Honey

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Raw honey debates still rage in the honey world. Since there is no agency or government that regulates the guidelines to produce raw honey, we have to revert to the science that we have at hand.buy Gourmet Honey Now Raw honey can be defined as honey that has not been heated above the ambient temperature within the hive during honey gathering. There has been recorded temperatures of 118° within a beehive during nectar flow. Above this temperature, the honey wax or honey comb will melt. It is obvious that the highest temperature, we can use to define raw honey is 118°. The beekeeper can harvest the honey, store the honey and extract the honey in temperatures of 118° or lower and logically call his crop, raw honey.

Some retailers call their honey, “raw honey” even though it is been processed at 140°. Hundred and 40° for 45 minutes has been considered a pasteurization process that kills the natural enzymes, nutrients and vitamins, that are benificial to good health, that were in the honey. Most commercial honey packers heat their honey to 160° so that high pressure filters can be used in their bottling process. These temperatures are unacceptable in the defining of raw honey.

Raw honey, that is also Gourmet Honey is a premium honey not found at your local market. Raw honey does not flow very well at hundred and 118°. In fact, honey at this temperature flows like a huge thick blanket. The degree of difficulty to process honey that does not flow easily through cheesecloth or nylon straining cloth is very high and time-consuming not to mention COSTLY! Therefore, the production of raw honey is more expensive, but the biggest cost is in the storage of unpasteurized honey. Honey that has not been pasteurized,such as Raw Honey, will ferment due to airborne yeast spores that are found everywhere on the earth including the Arctics. The yeast spores and the sugars in the honey can cause the honey to ferment. Fermented honey would have to be discarded for a lost to the beekeeper. Therefore, raw honey must be sold and consumed in a reasonable period of time after harvest. Gourmet raw honey is a culinary delight and should be enjoyed on the par with fine wines.

  raw honey,gourmet honey

raw honey,gourmet honey

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Gourmet Honey Gifts

Saturday, November 04th, 2006

Honey gift has always been a gift of honor, trust and treasure. Honey has been used as currency so the idea of honey gifts are grounded in tradition and cultures all over the world. Honey gifts are commonly given for weddings, birthdays and house warming occasions.buy Gourmet Honey Now

The ideal honey gift is a selection of honeys that gives multiple tastes without an extravagant expense. Four honey flavors in 5 oz. containers is an ideal honey gift. Blackberry Honey, king of all tea sweetening honeys, from the Pacific Northwest, Tupelo Honey, highly prized and very expensive to produce, from North Florida, Star Thistle Honey, America’s Favorite Honey, 12 years in a row, from Michigan, and Saw Palmetto Honey, Everglades Golden Honey, the hidden treasure thought to be endangered, from South Florida combine four Gourmet Honeys not found collectively anywhere else. The best Honey Gift Set is available from www.honeytaster.com/

honey gift,gourmet honey

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A bee removal expert in Tennessee is making quite the buzz after extracting an estimated 35000 honey bees from a brick wall.

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It's no secret that bee populations are in decline across the UK and Europe. There has also been a fantastic increase in public awareness over the past few ...

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Honeybees clumped on trees may adjust their positions to keep the cluster together when it's jostled by wind, a new study suggests.

Some honeybees have four parents or no mother – and we don’t know why  New Scientist News

The first genetic study of part-male, part-female honeybees shows these bees can have multiple fathers, but it's unclear how this happens.

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Glyphosate is among the most widely used agricultural chemicals in the world, and the companies that make it describe it as safer and more ...

Louisiana beekeepers say honey bee population is dwindling  KPLC

80 percent of the food we eat is dependent on insects for pollinating, Most of it is done by honey bees.

A bee economist explains honey bees' vital role in growing tasty almonds  The Conversation - US

Pollination by commercially raised bees is important to a variety of crops but none more than California almonds. In turn, beekeepers depend on them.

3 ways to create a honeybee haven at home  The Washington Post

Select the right blooms, provide water and avoid pesticides to help happy pollinators.

A village on a honey chase is new buzz in town  Times of India

NEW DELHI: As Dinesh Kumar Rana, having woken up early in the morning, leaves home to picks up a couple of villagers and be on their way to their ancestral ...

Honey Bee Health: Problems and Solutions  The Splendid Table

Bee researcher Bernardo Niño explains what a healthy honey bee colony looks like and takes us inside the research of a mysterious colony collapse disorder.

First Vaccine for Honey Bees Developed in Finland  Growing Produce

Bloomberg reports scientists at the University of Helsinki have developed the first vaccine to protect honey bees against microbial infections. Advertisement ...

Numerical ordering of zero in honey bees  Science Magazine

It has been said that the development of an understanding of zero by society initiated a major intellectual advance in humans, and we have been thought to be ...

Base personnel join Propolis Project to help honey bees thrive  Dayton Daily News

Collaborative research efforts between members of the 88th Civil Engineer Group Natural Resources Program, the Propolis Project and researchers at Penn ...

Honeybees are hurting. What else can pollinate our food?  The Seattle Times

Farmers are turning to other types of bees — like the blue orchard bee, the bumblebee and alfalfa leafcutter — that have proved to be effective pollinators of ...

Honey Bees Aren't the Only Insect to Produce Nectar, Says Ecologist  Inverse

There are seven species of Apis honey bee in the world, all of them native to Asia, Europe, and Africa. Apis mellifera, the western honey bee, is the species ...

While We Worry About Honeybees, Other Pollinators Are Disappearing - The Crux  Discover Magazine

A hyperfocus on the plight of hooneybees has left thousands of other species in the dark.

No Buzz, No Problem: Study Shows How Honey Bees Pollinate Blueberries  Entomology Today

A new study shows how honey bees pollinate blueberry crops, despite lacking the skill for buzz pollination thought necessary to access blueberry pollen.

Honey bees, already at risk, face a new threat from a common herbicide  Phys.Org

Glyphosate is the world's most widely used herbicide. Because it's considered safe for animals, it's extensively used not only in agriculture, but also for weed ...

How you can help fight the honey bee colony collapse disorder  USA TODAY

The die-off of America's honey bee colonies, which are disappearing in droves because of parasites, pesticides, poor nutrition and disease, leave beekeepers ...

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The irony of writing this month's cover story is not lost on me. In fact, buzzing, stinging insects and I have a strange relationship. When I was a very young, ...

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A growing number of honey bees die each year due to pesticides, vanishing habitats, poor nutrition and climate change, with potentially disastrous.

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Honeybees are under siege, straining the business of farming. Now growers are turning to other bee species to help their crops.

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Bees cling to one another in the shape of a beard to stave off heat. HowStuffWorks takes a look at bee bearding.

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Beekeepers and researchers will welcome the unveiling of the small hive beetle's genome by Agricultural Research *Service* (ARS) scientists and their ...

Why Smoking Soothes the Stressed-Out Bee Hive  Entomology Today

A new study that explores the effect of smoke on honey bee (Apis mellifera) behavior finds that it reduces the instance of bees releasing a venom droplet in their ...

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