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Honey Taster Defined

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Honey taster is the person who has sought out the truely great seldom found honeys that can not be found in the supermart chain. buy Gourmet Honey NowThere are a number of varieties of honey that are known as great gourmet honey from monofloral sources, here is a partial North American list of honeys to try:

Honey tasters are in every nectar producing area of the world. The best example of honey tasting is standing in the apiary (beeyard) eating comb honey right out of the hive! Most of us will not have that opportunity but we can enjoy the many different honeys that are available. There is more labor needed to keep the different kinds of honey separate, so expect the gourmet honey treat to be a little more expensive. There are many more varieties of honey that are wonderful and qualify as a gourmet honey. However there just is not enough production of the special nectar to export any of the delight past the community it was produced in. That does not mean that a honey taster can’t ferret out these elusive finds! Good hunting!

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