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Gourmet Honey Sources

Gourmet honey can be defined as honey that is processed, collected and sold as a honey from a monofloral source or a combination of elite honeys. Most table honey is a blend of honey of many floral sources that has been heated to 160°. The commercially blended honey will have honey from Argentina and China with some American honey in it is well.buy Gourmet Honey Now

Gourmet honey usually comes from the smaller beekeeper, who has the inclination and will take the time to keep honey separate that has been harvested from a single flower source. This requires extra time and labor to produce a superior product of gourmet honey. Each honey has a separate and distinct taste of its own, depending upon the flower that the nectar was collected from.

Some of the well-known gourmet honey’s are harvested from different regions of the world. In the United States gourmet honey can be collected from the following nectar sources.

Top 10 Gourmet honey sources:

      Star thistle honey, Washington, California, Wisconsin, and most of the lower 48 states,
      Tupelo Honey, Florida and Georgia
      Palmetto honey, Florida, Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina
      Blackberry honey, Washington, Oregon California, Georgia, Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia
      Orange blossom honey, Florida and California
      Black button sage honey, California and Mexico
      Fireweed honey, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia and California
      Huajilla honey, Texas
      Lavender honey, Washington and California
      Sourwood honey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Georgia


Pumpkin honey and Raspberry honey are runners up, but because their honey flow comes a time when other flowers are blooming close by, it’s hard to harvest either one that are true honeys of the flower source.

Raw gourmet honey is even harder to locate. Raw gourmet honey is the absolute elite culinary choice. Honey Taster brings you the best gourmet honey available.

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